Principal Desk

From The Principal’s Desk

Dear All,
It has been our sincere endeavour at The Royal International School to provide holistic parenting to our students. one of the best educators is ‘mother ‘as she customizes and tries to maximize the learning of a child.We try to motivate ourselves with the same love and enthusiasm by keeping the benefit of a child at the centre of all our action.

In this amazingly dynamic and changing world when knowledge become redundant very fast it is extremely difficult to teach any content to children which will serve them any good for their entire we try to enable the child by making him or her capable of learning to learn.

Our children will have to be life long leaders,good commutation skills and empowered with analytical skills.These children will see the world as a global village and be sensitive to the need of mother nature.
Thus the children from The Royal international School will make a positive impact globally.
Shivani Johri
(M.Com.,DECE,B.Ed,Certified counsellor)